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12ª Bienal Brasileira de Design Gráfico
Awarded in the Branding & Brand Identity category. Brazil.
Favourite Design Book 2016
Published in a book by Favourite Design. France.
Favourite Design
Featured on the website. France.
Packaging of the World
Featured on the website. Singapure.
The Dieline
Featured on the website. United States.
Raw (Abduzeedo)
Featured on the website. United States.
Featured on the website. Brazil.
Embalagem Marca
Featured on the website. Brazil.



A personal story — the desire to relieve the pain of someone on the founder’s family — inspired Membracel, a medical solutions company, to transform the lives of many. Preparing itself for a new phase, the company, along with the institution Centro Brasil Design, contacted saadbranding+design to conduct the launch of its new products and the national and international expansion of its business. Through detailed analysis, new challenges were found: the name Membracel, which referred to one of their products, a cellulose porous membrane, would not be ideal to accommodate new releases. A creative, coherent, and structured company-repositioning was needed to bring to the brand the credibility and the transformative character presented in each and every one of their products.

a new way of seeing life

Through various surveys and interviews with patients and healthcare professionals, it became clear that the differential was being able to understand and help a human-being hollistically: by looking through new perspectives and seeing all their necessities — not only their diseases — the brand would be greatly differentiating itself from the competitors. Through the intersection of information, an inspiring name was created: Vuelo, a noun that in spanish means “flight”. Vuelo is associated with desirable concepts for the public such as transience, progress, change, speed, action and freedom. The New possibilities tagline invites people to look at life from new perspectives and can be adapted in many forms, depending on the message it is looking to communicate, such as New ways, New views, New opportunities, etc. The graphical approach is synthetic: the baseline serves as a point of reference for the name and represents ground, protection, support, besides functioning as a highlight, indicating something important, like its logo, titles, photos, words, etc.

new reasons to smile

The new visual identity ensures a great emphasis on every touchpoint that impacts the consumer, fueling curiosity, enhancing communication, and the impression that the brand leaves. Unlike the competitors, Vuelo’s human approach makes the strategic positioning clear, focusing on people and not on their diseases. The first results came from people: “The packaging and the colors are very beautiful. You open it and there’s no leaflet, the information is all printed inside the box”, says André Estrela, a patient and Vuelo’s client with an ostomy. Viviane Oliveira, another patient with an ostomy and also a client, adds: “It’s different from the lifeless white packages we’re used to seeing. It’s innovative. This packaging makes you forget that you actually have a problem”. In addition, the project optimized the international expansion of the company as it began operations in markets such as the United States, Mexico and Germany.

It's different from everything we're used to, plain white lifeless packaging. It’s innovative. Vuelo’s packaging makes you forget that you actually have a problem.
Viviane Oliveira, patient with an ostomy and Vuelo's client
The packaging and the colors are very beautiful. You open it and there's no leaflet, information is all printed inside the box. There is only one thing left to say: amazing!
Andre Estrela, patient with an ostomy and Vuelo's client