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iF Communication Awards
Awarded in the Branding − Corporate Identity category. Germany.
Prémios Lusos
Finalist in the Design − Corporate Image category. Portugal.
Estúdio Folha / Folha de São Paulo Newspaper
Highlighted in the iF Design Awards' article. Brazil.
Casa Vogue Magazine
Highlighted in the iF Design Awards' article. Brazil.
Haus Magazine / Gazeta do Povo Newspaper
Highlighted in the iF Design Awards' article. Brazil.
The Dieline
Featured on the website. United States.
Packaging of the World
Featured on the website. Singapure.
Portal DesignBrasil
Featured on the website. Brazil.
Festival Picnic
Featured at the event. Brazil.
Retail Design Blog
Featured on the website. Hungary.


your life

MORE AND MORE PEOPLE ARE ADOPTING ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY HABITS and are more aware about the brands they consume. Investors from the South of Brazil found the opportunity to leave a positive legacy with their entrepreneurial spirit and to help make the world a better place in the sustainable scenario. The main focus of the company would be to create efficient solutions to save natural resources and money for B2B’s and B2C’s market, both in Brazil and abroad. Thus, the main challenge was to create an intelligent, bold, and, above all, inspiring brand to represent sustainability in a new way. It needed to be out of the box.  

inspiring change

saadbranding+design was responsible for the brand’s global construction. Several researches led to a broader understanding of the path of sustainability and the profile of those who consumed sustainable products resulting in the identification of opportunities. Inspired by the brand’s idea — smart people inspiring a smarter planet — which invites people to rethink their habits and behaviors and act accordingly in relation to the way they consume, to the plane and to the economy, a new name with a unique approach was created. It’s totally unexpected and flexible: RE. The prefix RE, meaning Do Again, is a peculiar and intriguing name that brings several concepts to mind such as remake, reuse, reduce, renew and recycling. It was strategically thought to consider the international operations of the company and can be easily used in English, Portuguese and Spanish; without semantic loss. The identity used bold colors, typographies and phrases that lead to reflection, setting it apart from its competitors. RE suggests a new lifestyle, a more intelligent and humane one highlighted by its tagline: Rethink.  

results for a better future

All that was developed by saadbranding+design started from fundamentals of sustainability (recycle, reduce e reuse) and sought to reduce production processes as much as possible. The packages are made of a durable and recyclable material, being one of its main advantages a proposed multifunctionality (it can be re-used as a multipurpose container) coming with a seed paper — a special kind of paper that can be planted inside the package itself. The data sheets (technical boards used by suppliers and resellers) were also developed with special care. They were grouped according to the need of those who will receive them making it possible not only to customize the presentations but also to reduce a lot of paper. The project, which stood out largely from its competitors for its bold personality and truly sustainable proposal, was awarded at the iF Design Awards 2017, one of the largest and most important design awards in the world.

The idea of what you can do with the packaging is very interesting, how you can reutilize it.
Alexandro Deconto, founder and CEO
I'm not only buying a product but a concept too.
Juliano Alferes, product manager