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juliana ota

with balance

People are starting to take a step back and learn once more how to value their own time; how to prioritize their natural rhythm and how to take care of themselves. Pilates fits this profile perfectly: with a vigorous yet calm nature, it adjusts to the different needs of various people, respecting everyone’s individualities and promoting well-being. The entrepreneur, Juliana Ota, realized that this was becoming an emerging market in Ribeirão Preto, one of the largest and wealthiest cities in the state of São Paulo and decided to offer a unique service associating a variety of activities to pilates such as dance, gymnastics and circus exercises. Thus, saadbranding+design took part in the project helping to turn Juliana’s idea into a strong brand.

a unique brand for a unique crowd

Juliana Ota’s studio offers a dynamic, functional and unique service since it brings benefits to people’s health through a variety of activities. It was necessary to communicate such assets in ways to make them noticeable to the high-end consumer she intended to have as clients. The brand was created to dialogue with the broad aspects of the business: its physical nature — represented by the movement — and its holistic view of the human being, which balances spirit, mind and body. From the letter “O” of Juliana’s last name, the symbol is made of overlapping circles that translate the core value of the brand: moving with balance.

full capacity and expanding

This minimalistic and dynamic brand, designed by saadbranding+design, captured the essence of her philosophy and the uniqueness of her classes, boosting the business. Juliana, as an entrepreneur, was able to use the inspiration and the empowering brought by branding to amplify the services she offers, having now an online coaching service focused on health and wellbeing as well. The results are gratifying and can be well acknowledged in numbers. Walls and barriers were broken; the business expanded and became much broader and more complete. The number of students she had increased by almost 100% and with a more valued service, she was able to increase her prices by 40%.
The project has given me a visual personality, strength, and focus to keep going on my way. It brought me identity, not only towards my clients, but also towards myself.
Juliana Ota, founder and director
Today I am opening and further expanding the Juliana Ota’s space. I'm breaking walls and barriers. I can reach everyone who wants to move.
Juliana Ota, founder and director