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abcDesign Magazine
Featured in the Cases section. Brazil.
11ª Bienal Brasileira de Design Gráfico
Finalist in the Corporative Communication category. Brazil.
2015 Meio&Mensagem Advertising Yearbook
Featured in the Branding and Design section. Brazil.
FPO: For Print Only (UnderConsideration)
Featured on the website. United States.
iF Communication Awards 2014
Awarded in the Crossmedia category — Corporate Design. Germany.
Brasil Design Award 2014
Finalist in the Branding category. Brazil.
The Design and Design Book of the Year Vol. 7
Published in the Graphic Design category. France.
IDEA Brasil 2013
Silver medalist in the Design Strategy category. Brazil.
IDEA Brasil 2013
Finalist in the Design Strategy category. United States.
10th Bienal Brasileira de Design
Finalist in the Identity & Branding — Identity System. Brazil.
Design and Design
Featured on the website. France.
Featured on the website. Brasil.
AIGA Justified Awards
Semifinalist. United States.

ipiranga seeds

adding value
to commodities

20 years ago Ipiranga Seeds was born in the heartland of Brazil with the purpose of offering more than just a high quality product, but also was focused on building more exclusive relationships with their customers and partners, believing it to be the key to their success. Ipiranga Seeds, a soybean multiplier that sells to national and international markets, is a family-owned medium-sized company that offers a product of recognized quality and boasts in the special care with each customer. Apart from those advantages, such as highly skilled professionals and a prime location, visibility was still necessary. So, how does one add value to commodities? The answer was to primarily create a new image for the brand, specially considering the company wanted to increase its production, upgrade their product portfolio and align their image to the quality of the product they offered. Thus, saadbranding+design created a unique, personal and flexible brand for the present and the future of the company.

for those who want more

After an intensive research process, it became clear that characteristics such as location, production process, and the quality of the products and services were attributes that directed the brand to a premium positioning that hadn’t been explored yet. Apart from the premium positioning, it was necessary to take into account other aspects that are very important to their audience, such as to be close, simple and friendly. The dynamic tagline For those who want more refers to customers who search for high quality products and services that are more than ordinary. It also allows for a great range of applications: For those who want more technology, For those who want more productivity, For those who want more transparency, etc. It’s minimal symbol translates the brand’s activity. It sets it apart from its competitors and adds a personal and organic approach.

accelerated growth

New branding strategies were designed and, as a result, our consulting boosted their business: the company now speaks for one of the largest suppliers of genetics in Brazil, having had an increase of 60% in revenues — considering the same production capacity — and a 40% profit margin from the beginning until now. Bigger and more competitive, the company now visibly stands out among the most recognized competitors in its state. The project was also recognized in the biggest award of Brazil, IDEA Brasil, being a silver winner in the Design Strategy category and was awarded an iF Communication Award, the most important world design award — among the 10 worldwide winners, it was the only one outside the European continent.
We were able to understand the importance of brand management when we realized it was working inside and outside the company. From the inside, we noticed the attention we were giving to every single one of the brand's touchpoints, and from the outside, the recognition of being a successful brand for our clients and the market as a whole.
Rudson Martins, sales manager

Because of the brand’s new strategy, new image and the new products we had an increase of 60% in revenues and a 40% profit margin.
André Adams, CEO