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Not long ago, people in Luanda, capital of Angola, had to walk about 10 miles to be able to buy a Coca-Cola. The solution for that problem came from a project that solved not only a commercial question but also a social one: distribution centers throughout the city’s neighborhoods that made the product easily available, but also served as an extra income source for many families. At that time, saadbranding+design actively participated in this project’s institutional film development. The film needed to be educational yet, charismatic. For such a result, infographics and vignettes were created translating the joyful and unique spirit of the people of Angola as well as portraying the core values of Coca-Cola as a brand.
It was exceptional. It gave the product a sophisticated feel that was unlikely to happen with only good photography and editing.
Gui Machado, film director at Maianga Filmes, Luanda — Angola